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Radio/TV Voice over

If you need a voice over for a local or a national spot, we can help! Hawthornesvoice has years of experience.We would be happy to take of all the details of your  advertising with an open honest approach. We will keep yo informed as much as you want to be involved. From SKYPE sessions to just the delivery of the final product. It’s your call!

Explainer Video

Explainer videos have exploded! In our opinion EVERY website needs an explainer video. Nothing tells your story faster and more complete than a video. Now that there is a format known as “Explainer Video” this really makes it simple. So what is a  explainer video?

My Passion is Voice Overs and Videos

In my opinion, this voice over is one of the most powerful VO I have ever done. You get an opportunity like this once in a lifetime, I did this years ago now…I am proud to present mine!

This is an actual WWI Air Baloon Observer’s log. I was requested to do this from the Great Grandson, here is the actual log no embellishments, A journey we get to witness from inside the basket of the air balloon through a moment-by-moment log from the actual pilot.

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Next Steps…

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