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How Much Should an Explainer Video Cost?

A full blown explainer video can cost from $5000 to 30,000. That’s why our videos can do just about the same thing for less than 10% of the other guy’s lowest price. You ask how? If your business fits into one of our categories we have already produced the video. Then all we need to do is insert your logo at the beginning and contact information at the end.

How Does a Business Get a Video from EdsVideoMarketing?

  1. Find the category that best fits your business.
  2. Fill out the video request form
  3. EdsVideoMarketing will contact you to verify the details for the video…
    1. Logo
    2. Contact details
  4. 50% down
  5. EdsVideoMarketing will send a watermarked copy for approval.

Approve and pay in full, the un-marked approved video will be delivered with your suggested video tags (key words) for posting on YouTube and website.


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