EVM’s price structure is designed to work with any budget

If your budget is set up for an internet blast! Don’t worry our specialist can handle that, we specialize in blasting the internet that will get you crazy amounts of hits to your website, getting more likes on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler ect…
If you want start off with a low cost solution
Basic Plan is a Customized Video, You can post it on your website, we will Tweet it on Twitter, post it on your Facebook page on YouTube or whatever social media sites that fit your type of business. This is our six month plan, also includes optimization, key word and description for posting optimization.
Gold Plan Is our next plan and most popular everything from above and still customize this one to be more for your business specific needs, or less if you don’t need this much attention Customized Blast, six month plan more Customized Videos. We help with all your sites set up and your YouTube channel (just not your website), Develop a deep 6 month Social Media marketing plan, with weekly blogging and monthly whiteboard video production
Produce a total of 6 videos for your business that WE will post on your social media with our GOLD PLAN. (Total of six videos produced, one each month)
Platinum Plan is developed based on budget, company current program and needs. Contact us for consultation.