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Q: How quickly can you do a voice over for me?

A: My professional home studio allows for an efficient recording process, with many clients receiving final audio files within 24 to 48 hours.

Q: What if there are changes?

A: We understand the time pressures that clients are under. When revisions are requested, we respond and records typically within one hour of notice from the client.

Q: Who pays for the changes?

A: If it’s my fault no charge, if it’s you that changes the copy, that’s negotiable on every job


Who is Ed Hawthorne?


I started out as a front man/vocalist for rock bands in Cleveland Ohio, wanting to stay in the music business, I sold spots for radio. At one point a customer said he would buy the radio spot if I would record it, then the word got out and this is how I got my start in voice overs at a very young age. Shortly after that I tried DJ’ing for the radio station. Listening to the same music over and over just got to be too monotonous and I was afraid I would lose my lifetime love affair for music. Recently in between the voice overs I went back to music, just for a year, to see if I could still do it. It was as good as I’d remembered, but the voice over business is a full time demanding career. Today my client list has a few impressive jewels in it, Booksaralive, Volvo, Infinity, Your60seconds.com, Displax.com, Fuller Sotherby’s thousands of web videos, radio and some TV spots. In this business you are always re-inventing yourself. The main thing that keeps me going is when someone writes a script designed just for me. There isn’t a bigger compliment than to have someone tell me “they wrote the copy for my voice”. I am fortunate to have had this happen a few times in my career. I love to see the production after it’s completed. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the voice I’m listening to, was my voice. Working all over the world is a unbelievable thrill, I hope this never ends!